Our Family Feature

Last Monday, I opened our mailbox and found myself!

Oreta Cover

Which was exciting, to say the least! 

Each month, my neighbors and I receive this short publication in the mail that highlights local businesses, events, and a featured family.  Greenfield Hill is a neighborhood within Fairfield, though our address is in Southport, we’re further from the harbor than our last house, close to the boundary line of this neighborhood and have the privilege of enjoying the amenities of both areas–which includes this magazine. The family feature has always been my favorite part.

On two separate occasions, neighbors of mine caught me working on my seasonal home decorations or gardening & told me they considered recommending us as a family to feature, but I graciously told them we weren’t at all ready for a thing like that. However, last month, in my garden again, an acquaintance from the gym and fairly frequent sharer on Fairfield Shares, who I didn’t know was the content coordinator of Greenfield Hill Neighbors, spotted me and did a little digging.

Oreta family feature

When she reached out, I couldn’t tell her I wasn’t ready, so we promptly set up a meeting for an interview with her and a shoot with local photographer, Luanne Kelly Photography.

It was so fun getting to know them both as we shared about our family. We’ve gotten a lot of asks if non-neighborhood friends could read the article, so she sent me a pdf of our feature. You can Download the PDF of the Oreta Family Feature here, or read it below as a JPEG…assuming I get that right. I’ve been out of the blogging game for a while. 


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