Get you someone that can do both.


At Machu Picchu, 8/2016 | on my porch where many of my projects are made, 12/2016

This blog is about seemingly different things: adventuring, do-it-yourself projects, art, and creative non-fiction writing.

“WHAT?” You may ask.

“Pick one!” You may advise.

Let me explain.

I started this blog a couple of years ago when I was working for a marketing agency as a blogger for businesses. I was happy to be writing as a profession, but at the same time, I kept feeling stifled and frustrated. I wanted to write in my own voice, about things I was interested in. Facebook wasn’t the answer, as I was always feeling pressure to post only what I thought my “friends” would “like.”

So I started writing about whatever I felt like at the time. During the process of moving cross country and settling in to our new home (see our old home here), I wasn’t all that great about keeping up with the blog. But even as I wasn’t writing, my blog kept getting traffic. The posts that were frequented were the things I care about most: seeing the world, creating inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing solutions around the home, and creating my best life.

I wasn’t posting, but people were still clicking. The things I experienced, they were able to learn from. Whether I’m planning a trip or trying to psych myself up to go after a creative project, I’m always looking to research as much as I can before going for it. I figure there’s other people out there like me, so this is a resource for them. Whether you’re an adventurer, a creator, or both.

What to expect

I live to be creative. Though I thought that writing about adventure and endurance athleticism was off-topic in a blog about creative endeavors, I find that it is through new, exciting experiences or the monotony of exercise that we can uncover some of our best ideas. I think of these moments as tools to encourage the creative process.

On this blog, you’ll find mentions of those tools as well as additional tools for you to allow your inner artist to flourish, DIY tutorials as I make my tiny Cape Cod style home into a space overflowing with whimsy, creative writing, and art that I produce.

tinykelsie.com is for people who want to live a beautiful, creative life, indoors and out. Welcome.