New House Project Plans

I’ve been a shopping, cleaning, box opening, credit card swiping fool for the last couple of weeks, but I finally cleaned up and cleared boxes enough to share some progress pictures.

I have so many DIYs in store for this house, and my little head was going to burst if I didn’t go ahead and map some things out. The first room(s) I have cleaned up are the living/dining room combo and the kitchen. We have an open floor plan for these rooms, so they’re pretty much one space. (The way I figure, it’s only a different room if you can’t see its mess from where you are. hah!)

In my previous post about the new house in Connecticut, I showed you how the home we bought is a completely blank slate. We received the keys two weeks ago from this afternoon, so don’t expect any magic to have happened. In fact, it looks less like my Scandinavian + colorful  intentions, and more like a crummy apartment in need of therapy. In due time!

TinyKelsie Connecticut house progress-9

TinyKelsie Connecticut house progress-8.jpg

I already have the new curtains for the room. I bought them from Anthropologie, and they’re much more shimmery in person than their product photo shows. The order has been placed for a SUH-WEET custom mid-century modern inspired sofa from West Elm yesterday,and it’s set to arrive in 10-12 weeks. That’s a REALLY long time to live without a proper sofa, but it’s the first <i>real, adult</i> sofa I’ve bought (all others have been hand-me-downs) so I figured it should be exactly what I want & last me a good while.

I also already have a really wonderful vintage hanging chair from my dear friend Bailey, but it needs a couple of structural fixes before we can have it hung.

And then, there’s this:

TinyKelsie Connecticut house progress-7

I can’t wait to complete the project for this guy ^.

Somewhere I’ll add color in will be the stairs. When the movers came in with their huge feet and dirty boots, the stairs looked a lot less…white. And not just on the treads, but also the risers. I’ve been doing a lot of Googling to try and decide what to do to make these stairs something special & less difficult to maintain a clean look. I’ll keep y’all posted!

TinyKelsie Connecticut house progress-4

Here are some more photos of the room as-is. I can’t wait to share the progress along the way.

6 thoughts on “New House Project Plans

  1. I used to have one of those TV’s! I converted it into a fish tank. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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