All moved in!

We’re finally moved into our Connecticut home. It’s been a long time coming, as we first learned about the possibility of moving to the Tri-State area back in March. We closed on Tuesday, the movers came and dropped all of the boxes off in the appropriate rooms on Wednesday, and here I am Thursday with the rest of the work that moving entails.

I wanted to take a break from unpacking, laundry, and the madness to show y’all some before photos from our new house. I just love the space. It’s smaller than our first house in Houston, but it’s much cozier, the floor plan works better for us, and there’s not going to be any minimally used spaces like we had before.

Another big difference between this house and our Houston house is that it’s been recently completely redone. New windows, roof, kitchen, baths, everything. And everything is WHITE. As the cable installation man left yesterday, he said to us, “I can finally say that I’ve visited the white house.”

This is perfect for me, because it is a blank slate to decorate as I wish, but without the headaches and never-ending project of remodeling.

Without further ado…

These are two views from the entry of the house. When you walk in, stairs are on the right and our living/dining room combo is on the left. We haven’t had a TV in three years, and we really liked that, but the house came with that flat screen already installed & we’re going to keep it for the time being. (Keep in mind that all photos in this post are done with a wide-angled lens, and the space is far smaller than it looks.)

The left hand picture shows the opposite side of the living/dining room, and shows the small mudroom between the front door and the entry door. Detail of that is on the right. Having two doors allows for us to keep the cold air out–something we never had to think of back in Texas!

The above photos are of the kitchen, from the online listing. When we arrived, Mark and Tobias immediately began taking everything out of the car and placing it in the kitchen, so I wasn’t able to take my own photos of that space just yet.

As you can see, everything is white, white WHITE! Brand new stainless steel appliances, quartz counter tops, new, Martha Stewart brand, self-closing cabinets, the works. There’s no backsplash yet, so I can decide what that will be later. The kitchen sink has a window that faces the lake in our backyard, and I discovered on the first night that there is a vent ON MY FEET from the heating/cooling system while I’m at the sink.

…a beautiful view and warm toes while doing the dishes? I’ll be accepting the dirty dishes of my neighbors from here on out. 😉

Past the kitchen is the downstairs bathroom. It has a standing shower with a built-in seat and great water pressure.

Tobias' Room before

This is Tobias’ room. It’s also off of the kitchen.

The final room that comes off of the kitchen is the basement. It’s unfinished but waterproofed, has the same square footage as the bottom floor, and has a really huge cedar closet. I’m sure I’ll find that sink next to the washer and dryer to be very useful.

After going up the steps to the second floor, there’s a landing, a room on each side, and this bathroom in the middle. In the landing, there’s a linen closet.

Left room, will be used as office.

Right room, will be used as our bedroom.

My favorite part from the whole house, though, is the backyard.


I can’t wait to share with y’all all of the projects I’ll be doing to make this house our home, and all about the new life we’ll have in New England.

11 thoughts on “All moved in!

  1. Wow! Congrats on being moved in! The house is beautiful!!! You will do such a fabulous job decorating! Can’t wait to see you transform the white to “you”… Will be fun to watch from afar! 🙂 xoxo

    (Nice to see you post as well! Missed you!)

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