A little secret…

I did a few posts about my family trip to Southern California. I made posts about L.A., Disneyland, our stay at the fabulous Parker Palm Springs, and a road trip to take from Palm Springs. But there’s one thing I didn’t mention, and I’ve been keeping offline for six weeks.

A little back story:

Mark and I’s courtship began with an impromptu trip to the sunny state of California. Once running buddies then with a few dates between us, we flew across the country to see the beaches of San Diego, taking turns glancing at each other with enamor in our eyes and laughing about how unreal it all seemed. Then we agreed: “Yep, you’re my type of crazy.”

Fast forward a couple years and a few million more of those glances and memories, we were engaged. I soon threw myself in a frenzy of wedding research, excited at the chance to have a dream wedding with my soul mate—both of which I had, at one point, given up on the idea of—only to be disappointed that in our culture of Bridezillas and materialism, vendors are taking advantage of people who are vulnerable to those dreams and raising costs accordingly. We considered all of the OTHER dreams we could pursue at the same price of ONE, bought flights back to The Golden State where it all started and… Continue reading “A little secret…”

The Man I’m Marrying Isn’t My Type

Seems to be a pretty scary thing to have a hold on, with the clock ticking down to when you will (soon!) make a lifetime commitment. After having this rock on my Digitus Annula’ris (That’s medical terminology for ring finger. Sometimes I like to Google random crap.) for over eleven months, you think I would’ve already realized this. Well, I did. And I knew it from the get-go. Continue reading “The Man I’m Marrying Isn’t My Type”

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