Last Minute Yogi Bear Costume

Every year, Tobias decides what he wants to be for Halloween, then I decide how it can be made, along with what costumes Mark, Laser, and I will be to go along. This year, I wasn’t a big fan of the costume that I’m wearing…it’s pretty cheesy, but it’s just so suitable for his costume.

When I heard that my yoga studio was going to have a costume contest, I was torn! I wanted to go but I was really planning on only wearing that costume trick or treating…

So, I made a last minute decision to make a second costume. It had to be comfortable enough to do yoga in, and I realized I hadn’t picked my own costume in years! Last night, I made everything for it and did a trial for my hair and make-up. I was going to wait until tonight when I have final/better look/makeup to post, but I’m just too excited! If I don’t put it on here I’ll post it somewhere else! Continue reading “Last Minute Yogi Bear Costume”

Simple & Cheap Family Costumes

Halloween is my FAVORITE time of year. I love everything about it. Well, minus the readily accessible, copious amounts of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. Those things are my kryptonite. And the unoriginal people. They bore me and everyone else.

I LOVE making costumes and trying to find outside of the box ways to make a costume less expensive. I can’t stand the way that the fabric of those grocery store bought outfits feel on my skin, and they just look so underwhelming on anyone.

Since my son’s first Halloween, I’ve been mixing together cheaper, store bought elements with thrift store finds and simple DIYs. They’re always cheap, no sew, and often the fabric I use is from T-shirts at thrift shops.

I’ll be posting the last few years of our Halloween costumes, maybe they can help get your creative juices flowing. Starting with baby’s first Halloween.

2008: Bam Bam, Bettie and Barney Rubble from The Flintstones

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