Kid Craft: Envisioning 2015

Last year, I tried to explain to Tobias what it meant to make resolutions, and suggested he did the same. He didn’t quite catch on. This year, when I asked him to do it, he said, “Do I have to?”

I thought it’d be more age appropriate if we did envisioning self portraits. A few years ago, my mom gifted him a Create-A-Person pad. There’s one body per page, and they come in white, brown, dark brown, and a more yellowish skin tone. I feel the need to point this out, because when Tobias received it as a gift, he was only seeing the first pages of white bodies, seemed off-put, and then made a frustrated comment about there only being one type of body. So, no worries! The other skin tones are later on in the book.

new year kid's project new year kid's project

We had so much fun! I hadn’t drawn in longer than I could remember. There’ll definitely be more art in 2015.

new year kid's project

In mine, I expressed the typical: to stop wearing sweatpants, better time manage (hence the watch), get a haircut, and have better confidence in my mothering abilities.

Tobias wants to get bigger muscles, learn to use a bow and arrow, and to grow a beard. At the ripe age of six-going-on-seven, the beard is unlikely. But, what’s the likelihood the gym will stay this busy, anyway?

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