a little bit of… What I’m Lovin’

Loving List Tiny Kelsie

Tie Dye Double Hammock with Carabiners Aluminum Travel Tripod in PINK | Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea Blends | Penguin Drop Caps Series | Silicone Tea Infusers | Hand Lettered Mugs 

a little bit of… is my new list series: a quick snapshot of curated must-haves, can’t-stands, and don’t-want-to-live with-outs.

  1. Though I already own an ENO Hammock that works like a charm, the one I have featured by Grand Trunk is SO PRETTY. And, it’s got room for twoHeart-eyes-emoji, so I might need to pass the old one down to the boy so I can hammock snuggle in the wilderness with the man.
  2. I’m really needing a tripod now that I’m learning more about photography. thewirecutter.com, the site M goes to get educated before making any big purchase, said that this model is the best travel tripod for most. It comes in a variety of colors, but I’m torn between the pink and the gold one.
  3. I met Lisa, the founder of Chambre de Sucre, at Monarch Workshop. She’s a real joy to be around, and I soon found that her tea is stellar! After checking her website out, I learned that she offers a variety of products, including sugars that look like confetti and some that look like itsy bitsy petit fours. I go gaga over tiny things! I’m expecting some more of her products in the mail shortly, so stay tuned for another post on those!
  4. I know they say not to judge a book by its cover, but Penguin grabbed up some of the best books of all time, partnered with famous letterer Jessica Hische, and made the best looking series of books, ever. The whole set is quite pricey, so I started with The Secret Life of Bees and it quickly became one of my favorite fiction books.
  5. Now that I’m drinking more loose leaf tea, I have to use a kitschy tea infuser. I bought Mister Tea, though I had no idea that there was a Missus that could come with! Now I’ll have to head over before I can have loose leaf tea for two.
  6. I’m absolutely loving the Dream Warrior mug we received in our swag bag from Monarch Workshop, from Etsy seller GlitterandBold. Also, her Creative Juices mug. ADMIT IT, for the creative juices to get flowing, you sometimes have to have a little something in your cup (coffee, tea, wine–no one’s judging!)

What are you loving right now?

15 thoughts on “a little bit of… What I’m Lovin’

  1. I NEED that tea infuser! Adorable. I’m currently lovin’ my new spring nail polish colors: socialite (robins egg blue) and tempting (gold) by Revlon. Monday night at home pedicure for the win!

    1. I’m wearing a robin’s egg bluish shellac right now! I love the way light blue looks with gold, are you going to do anything with them together? I always think about doing adventurous things with my nails but never do.
      Follow the Amazon link if you decide to get the infusers! I just went for it and bought the tripod last night 🙂

    1. I love yours too! Especially about the Flonase because since I moved to New England my allergies have been going crazy. Just followed your blog, I’ll be looking forward to your posts! 😊

  2. I have a tripod and also a monopod and I love them both (although for totally different reasons). My tripod is a hand-me-down and in a not-at-all fun, boring gray and black. But, my monopod is shiny red and I love love love it. 🙂


  3. There are some places that don’t allow tripods for whatever reason, my Dad–a super photographer in his own right–gave me the monopod for Christmas, and to be honest, it’s way lighter and easier to haul around than my tri, so, when I’m hiking in particular I take the monopod instead. Win-win! 🙂

    Yay for pink tripods!


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