Cinco de Mayo Cookies + some BIG news!

This morning I delivered some cookies to Tobias’ school for a Cinco de Mayo themed Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and they were just too cute not to share!

Cinco de Mayo cactus and chili sugar cookies with royal icing (2)

I got the recipe from The Alison Show last valentine’s day, and I recommend buying her veryyyy thorough video/e-book to anyone who wants to get started staying up late at night making perfectly perfect sugar cookies with royal icing.

Cinco de Mayo cactus and chili sugar cookies with royal icing

When I was taking them to the school, the woman who opened the door for me looked at them wide-eyed and said,

“You made these?! You should go into business!”

and when I delivered them to the two PTA moms that were orchestrating the event, I received the same looks of surprise and,

“You made these?! Oh, you’re our new favorite. You could sell these.”

Cinco de Mayo cactus sugar cookies with royal icing

When I made first or second batch (I’ll wrangle up the photos of all that I’ve made to date for another post), over a year ago,  I talked to Mark about getting better at it and maybe one day, selling them. Of course, there was this  cross-country move that put everything at a standstill, but I’ve decided I AM going to write up a business plan and start scheduling out deadlines for me to start a baking business.

My Granny, whose passing I wrote about when I mentioned that I keep her photo in my kitchen, owned a pie shop for years. My other grandma (whom we so-southernly call Meemaw :)) worked there, too. Both of my grandmothers can be credited for so much of the woman I am today, so every time I think about following in her footsteps of starting my own business, I keep crying!

They’re happy tears, though. Happy, exciting, you-just-wait-and-see tears.

My kitchen is dedicated to my Granny

8 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo Cookies + some BIG news!

  1. Whaa!?!??!?! THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!

    I had a blog friend (who has since shuttered her blog) who was an EXPERT at frosting sugar cookies. Seriously, the skills were incredible. I’ve tried it a few times with acceptable results, and had a BLAST doing so. Gah! I’m so excited for you!! Whooop!


  2. How exciting for you! Best wishes for your continued success and the cookies look incredible!

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