40 Days and 40 Nights of COVID Quarantine

Day 42. I feel surprisingly good. I have a thing about limbo. I love the game (I’m under 5 feet tall, I always win) but I can’t stand the feeling. Can’t stand the in-between. It was a huge struggle for me when we moved across the country. I wasn’t sure if we were moving, where we would move to, when our first house would sell. It was similarly difficult when we had sold our second house and were waiting to move into the home we’re in now. I’m adaptable. I can handle what is thrown at me. But waiting for the pitch, I get impatient.

For some reason, I don’t feel that limbo pressure today. Monday, I pressed my ear to my husband’s chest, my arms wrapped around him. I said, “I miss my old life. I miss my friends. I miss my gym.”

But I’ve been having good days. I’ve spent as much of them as I could in the sunshine. In the morning with our toddler, in the afternoon for my semiweekly alone walk that my husband blocks his schedule off for, and the whole fam in the backyard after our early dinner.

I’ve been putting my toddler in front of the TV a little less. I’m letting my tween’s attitude bother me less. Things are starting to roll off of my back more easily. We’re creating new routines that are working for our family.

Quarantine isn’t Getting Easier for Everyone

I’m aware of my privilege. It’s hard to find my own gratitude when people are suffering in many different ways. It’s not that I’m tone deaf, I’m just choosing to live in my own reality rather than feel guilt for what’s going on. I’m not in charge of the policies that are ultimately hurting all of us but on different scales, and I’m not in a position of power in which I can have an affect on these policies. So I’m choosing acceptance in my own reality and keeping my eyes open for awareness of what’s currently going on in addition to opportunities to affect change as an average citizen.

A salve for me and my worries is that I’m represented by Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal in the U.S. Senate. I know that the people representing me reflect my values and are fighting the good fight for me, and that’s a good feeling.

Things Other People are Doing to Stay Sane During the Quarantine

  • Zoom parties

  • Online games with friends

  • Facebook live workouts

  • Reading more books than usual

  • All kinds of at-home work out routines

  • Museum, farm, and zoo tours for kids

  • Organizing closets and drawers

  • Taking free or discounted online classes

  • Making masks

  • Going to the store once a week

  • Frequent online shopping

  • Watching a lot of TV

  • Self care and pampering

  • Cleaning furiously

Yeah, none of that.

Here’s what I am doing during quarantine:

  • Soaking up as much sun as I can

    Playing catch and stick sword fighting instead of exercising

  • Reading as much as usual (I average a book every four days)

  • Walking instead of running

  • Working on home projects at about the same rate

  • Being gentle with myself

  • Relishing in all of this family time (no matter how much my tween complains or my toddler shouts)

  • Limiting my social media exposure

    Taking the time to pause and notice what’s around me

  • Knowing that it’s okay if I‘m not answering texts, even if people know I’m home. I can’t be everything to everyone and right now I need to be the most for me and my family. Boundaries feel great.

  • Not worrying about tidiness

  • Doing the simple things my toddler finds fascinating

  • Publishing more blog posts 😜

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