Fairfield Impressionist Painting: Enjoy the Beach

My latest painting, Enjoy the Beach, continues with the thread of illuminated everyday sights in Southport and Fairfield, Connecticut.

In my work, I like to represent illuminated versions of commonplace scenes within my town. I noticed with my recent painting of Sasco Beach in Fairfield, CT, I work better when I’m passionate about the underlying message. In the painting preceding it, While the Kids are at School, I was honoring the emotionally intimate bond between mothers while admiring the landscape that is used as a backdrop for that connection. In the Snowman at Sasco Beach painting, I was evoking the emotion of play, and the importance of the father-son bond.

The reference photo for this painting was taken on the same date as Snowman at Sasco Beach. I wanted to continue with winter scenes, as there is still snow on the ground around here. Last weekend we had a brief spring preview when the weather was a sunny 50°F. We hit the playground at Compo Beach and the playground at Penfield Beach to take full advantage, but I felt a tinge of guilt for not getting out to those same locations on days with less-than-ideal weather.

So, I thought I’d create a little reminder for myself (or others): gray skies or blue, sand or snow, don’t forget to Enjoy the Beach.

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