Pretender & the Dragon

You two will play house
Walls awarded through divorce
Which was it? Fourth spouse?
His taste still wet in your mouth
Now this dog will have his day

Fake smile painted on
Lower molars scream faux happy
Pose like he’s the prize
No contact with his three sons
Is that what you call a man?

Broken-hearted kids
Sons left behind in his wake
Fourteen, ten and three
Plus two not-quite stepdaughters
He posts a decade-old pic

But will he call, text?
Not a chance. And you want kids?
You think he will change
Villainize mother exes
Women who all do without

Play house together
Enjoy the honeymoon phase
Less harassing texts?
Happily ever after
Make it more believable

Don’t rush to conceive
You find it hard to believe
But he needs to be
The only child. He’ll show you
How short-term he is

I married him, too
horrors: the night he beat me
Seven months pregnant
Drugs, lying, abuse, cheating
When he could still blame his youth

Now you, twelve years passed
Think you get a second chance
foiled high school love
Oh he’s the same person
You left for the guy with drugs

Rush to the altar
That’s your M.O., fifth time
Will you ever learn?
So desperate to be desired
Disney lied about wife life

Hard work that’s thankless
Daily care for another
Equates a stay-at-home mom
To “get fucked for money”

How can that boy-man
Love a woman tenderly?
Your standards too low
Feel valued only if there’s
A sparkling ring finger

Pretend he’s a prize
See what he has to offer
Foolish girl, pretend
Happily ever after
With the dragon, not the prince

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