Last Minute Yogi Bear Costume

Every year, Tobias decides what he wants to be for Halloween, then I decide how it can be made, along with what costumes Mark, Laser, and I will be to go along. This year, I wasn’t a big fan of the costume that I’m wearing…it’s pretty cheesy, but it’s just so suitable for his costume.

When I heard that my yoga studio was going to have a costume contest, I was torn! I wanted to go but I was really planning on only wearing that costume trick or treating…

So, I made a last minute decision to make a second costume. It had to be comfortable enough to do yoga in, and I realized I hadn’t picked my own costume in years! Last night, I made everything for it and did a trial for my hair and make-up. I was going to wait until tonight when I have final/better look/makeup to post, but I’m just too excited! If I don’t put it on here I’ll post it somewhere else!

yogi bear yoga costume diy yogi bear yoga costume diy yogi bear yoga costume diy

I’m Yogi Bear!

Big thank you to Giselle Ugarti for making a youtube video on how to make hair ears and Missy from Pink Pistachio for this last minute bear makeup inspiration.

Want some other ideas? Check out Simple & Cheap Family Halloween Costumes and MORE Simple and Cheap Halloween Costumes!

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