Instant Harry Potter Costume

Yesterday, the students and teachers at my son’s elementary school celebrated Dr. Suess’ birthday by dressing up as their favorite book character. Tobias has been pretty obsessed with Harry Potter since we began reading the books every evening, (we’re on book three, no spoilers, please!) so his choice was obvious from the get-go.


We were in a pinch, and not in the time frame to get a crimson and gold tie from Amazon prime in time, so I referenced that ol’ DIY Yogi Bear costume that I wore when I won a costume contest at my yoga studio and whipped up a quick one with yellow craft foam and acrylic paint.


I used a safety pin to place it on his shirt, allowed him to borrow my Trina Turk wrap sweater, put a quick make-up lightning bolt on his foreheard, and made his hair nice and messy with creme. Viola!


Instant Harry Potter!


Ok, Maybe 5 minute DIY Harry Potter. Still, so easy! When I picked him up from his after school art class, he was beaming about all of the compliments he received. & When we went to the grocery store (while he was wielding the wand my mom got him when she went to Disney World) a woman stopped and asked if she could take his picture. She said he made her day 🙂

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