SoCal Takeover: Welcome to the Parker

As I mentioned in my post about Disneyland, I am enthralled with all things mid-century modern. What originally brought us on this trip to Southern California wasn’t really Disneyland. It was Palm Springs and–embarrassingly enough–The Parker Palm Springs.

The Parker is the first and only hotel that has fully re-envisioned interiors via Jonathan Adler, my muse in design, art and language. He’s introduced me to words like ungepatchke (overly decorated) and dérotica (decorating with sexy elements) through his Happy Chic books, and I’ve introduced his designs to Mark’s wardrobe, and scattered throughout our home. I love reading/watching his interviews because he throws Yiddish and French words in along with concocted words made from two meshed together and it all sounds so zany and sophisticated. And, his mid-century design, duh.

When I heard about the hotel I knew very little of Palm Springs. It was mere minutes before I found that Palm Springs was the go-to hot spot for young vacationers in the 1960’s, the getaway for greats like the Sinatras and the Presleys, and an absolute MECCA for mid-century architecture. I was so there. I did a frenzy of research that (much) later led to what became a trip all over Southern California, watched the film Palm Springs Weekend and the whole season of Welcome to the Parker, a reality show that aired during the beginning of the millennium about the hotel (I can’t make this stuff up!) and I was on my way.

Everything in the space is incomparably photogenic, and I tried not to keep my camera to my face the whole time. But here are some shots from our stay:

Parker Palm Springs-5
Tobias LOVED the oversized chess board outside. He’s much better at chess than we thought!
Parker Palm Springs-16
My mom was obsessed with this picture when we first arrived. She came out of the bathroom (where it was hung) and was like, “Come look! Do you see it? No, but do you see it?!” I thought she was just being neurotic, but then I did see it. Do you? (Hint: zoom in to Sonny’s shirt.)
Parker Palm Springs-2
Their toiletry game was on point!

Parker Palm Springs-4 Parker Palm Springs-15 Parker Palm Springs-8 Parker Palm Springs-7 Parker Palm Springs-6 Parker Palm Springs-3 Parker Palm Springs-14 Parker Palm Springs-13 Parker Palm Springs-12 Parker Palm Springs-11 Parker Palm Springs-10 Parker Palm Springs-9 Parker Palm Springs-1

I wasn’t originally going to write a whole post about my enthrallment with this designer and my travels to experience it by the roomful firsthand, but I saw on Instagram several days ago that Adler just completed a redesign of all of the guestrooms at Eau Palm Beach.

I know the why. Now I’ve got to figure out the who, what, when and how I’m getting to Palm Beach!

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