Fabric Belt & Finishing Touches to a Boy’s Elvis Costume

Carrying on from Elvis’ jumpsuit costume DIY from Halloween 2016, you’ll need to do a few more things.

Start with gathering your supplies for his belt:

Extra touches

Steps for creating the belt

1. To begin, press together the sides of a roll of tape to create an oval shape, then trace it on some heavy card stock (I recycled the packaging from his rhinestones)

2. The card stock on its own may not be heavy enough, so make four matching ovals and glue them on top of each other.belt-buckle-2-boys-white-elvis-jumpsuit-diy-halloween-costume-how-to

3. Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the card stock oval(s), glue, cut notches into sides, and glue over the edge onto the back.belt-buckle-3-diy-fabric-belt-white-elvis-jumpsuit-diy-halloween-costume-how-to

4. Glue to belt buckle.

5. Cut the interfacing and trim to the desired length and width, then cut two pieces of fabric with seam allowance.


5. To be honest, I may have had some mess ups around this point. I suggest heading over to this fabric belt tutorial from ABeautifulMess to finish the belt off.

How to style your hair like Elvis’:

  1. Skip your haircut for two weeks or so
  2. Cover hair with black hair gel
  3. Add a lot of hairspray
  4. Add more hairspray
  5. Comb back
  6. Add more hairspray
  7. Comb front upward
  8. Use black face paint to extend look of side burns

Watching this video helped:

Add the glasses and you’ve got yourself a mini-Elvis!


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