Try it cheaper: PVC Pipe Curtain Rod

When my mom visited us over the summer, she bought these adorable Emoji curtains for my son’s room. While I was out, she tried to rehang the rod herself, but…


The droop made me crazy! I didn’t want to put another set of holes in the wall, so I decided I’d just buy another rod. I didn’t like the rod all that much to begin with, it was the cheapest one on Amazon and it showed.

But this is by far the cheapest curtain rod. $2.67 for 10 feet of PVC pipe, $0.38/each for two PVC end caps, some paint I already had at the house, one quick bit of sawing and voila!cheap-alternative-curtain-rod-pvc-pipe-3

I like the look of it, too. It looks much sturdier than what I had before and I prefer the understated end caps to the knobby finials.


6 thoughts on “Try it cheaper: PVC Pipe Curtain Rod

  1. Hey, I was thinking to myself. Where in the bell is Kels?! Until I remembered your blog. Whew! I will save this to my bookmark for reads. Miss your snaps 😭🌻

    1. Hey Dana! It’s so great to hear from you :). I was spending a little too much time cruisin the ‘gram and snapping, so I wanted to take some time away to refocus on my creative goals. It’s great to hear from you! Surely I’ll be back to Snapchat sooner or later. ❤ Hope you're doing well!

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