A Story About Our Colorful Mid Century Modern Inspired Woodland Nursery

Around this time last year, I shared my pregnancy announcement. I showed y’all my babymoon in Paris portrait session, but aside from that, it was radio silence over here about anything baby. But yes, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy in the summer.

Birth announcement foil balloon zero days old

As you know, we moved to our new house recently. What you may NOT know is that we moved in exactly three weeks before I gave birth.

My pregnancy was less than ideal, and at one point I was put on bed rest. So when we moved in, I wasn’t able (nor did I have enough energy) to get started on my projects! It was looking like the baby would come into the world without a space to call his own.

Luckily, Ky came to the rescue. You may remember her from when she flew up to help me prepare my house for showings or when we made that DIY overdyed rug. She showed up on a Sunday and the nursery was empty aside from a couple Crate and Kids boxes and the crib with its hardware missing (moving is hard, y’all). I didn’t have a baby shower, so I had nearly no baby gear to speak of. She didn’t approve.

“This baby isn’t going to come until he has a room!”

Monday, we made it to the hardware store and fixed the crib and she hung a few things. Tuesday, we spent all morning at IKEA and all afternoon at Target. The whole time, I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t want to complain, though, because I was so grateful she was helping me! I was resting every 15 minutes, sitting everywhere at both stores, and went to the bathroom nearly 100 times–causing two errands to last 8 hours.

While we were at Target, we had a cart full of baby goods, nearing the end of our trip, when I got a text from my Aunt Kelli- a mobile gift card was coming my way!

I had been stressing out so much about the cost of our basket full of items, so her TIMELY!! and generous gift was such a relief!

And boy, did I need relief. My pain was getting more and more severe. After we got home from Target, Ky was hanging things and I was giving directions, but at times I would be in so much pain that I couldn’t speak. By the time Mark came home, I was putting some finishing touches on the bookshelf. The room was as done as it could be for then.

Less than fifteen minutes after my husband was home, my water broke and we went to the hospital!

It was true, my little guy didn’t come until he had a place to call his own.

Like this colorful mid century woodland inspired nursery? Let me know in the comments and I’ll make a ‘shop this room’ post 🙂

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