Black and White Graphic Murals and Wallpaper

Lately I’ve been dreaming of adding a graphic, sketchy mural to the walls of my dining room. Below is some inspiration with their sources. This is definitely one of those projects that requires a lot of chutzpah, so please let me know if you like the look!

black graphic brushstroke circle mural wallpaper

Ferreira Design
This is one of my very favorites, I love the brushwork, the curves, and the ease in which it seems it was created. Though this is a popular pin on Pinterest, it was difficult to find the source and I know nothing of the technique used.

graphic black and white handpainted squiggle mural wallpaper

ONDECORstore’s etsy
This one has quick, confident looking swirls, but the scale isn’t what I’m going for. its also a wallpaper, which is good if you’re wanting to buy the look, but I’m not wanting to buy anything right now.

I LOVE this one. If I dont do a black and white curved mural, I might just emulate this one exactly. I like that it’s a little more masculine.

Another black brushstroke wallpaper that acheives a similar look.

This black and white wallpaper is to die for! Perfect for a powder room, foyer, or hallway. I think it would probably creep out my kids, though.

I love the scale of this black and white graphic wallpaper print. It definitely looks like a mural and is reminiscent of Kelly Wearstler’s old foyer, but theres something I don’t like at all about the shape.

This black and white doodle mural is amazing!! Unfortunately I already have a Keith Haring-inspired painting in my house, and I dont want it to look like a Haring museum in here.

ashley mary black white brushtroke mural

mural by ashley mary

This one is also a favorite, especially on the wall next to the stairs, as there’s a lower concentration of black. I think this black and white squiggle mural will be easier to acheive because it doesnt have brushstrokes like other favorites. brushstrokes are harder to emulate.

abstract-faces-painting-mural-black white artistic

removable mural by eazywallz

Too cool. Literally, this is too cool of a mural for me to have in my formal dining room. Moving on…

black white brushstroke wallpaper lines

aztec wallpaper by Drop it Modern

black white squiggle handpainted style wallpaper

Room design by Alexandra Loew

I searched high and low and couldnt find information about this bathroom, other than the name of the designer. I think it’s wallpaper, because the repeat is just right. Either way, the scale is smaller than I’d like. I can’t imagine how long it would take to mimic that in my banquet-size dining room!

So bold! Love it paired with the black bead board. I have wainscoting in the room, but no windows so it’d be too dark with that much black paint.

This is definitely a fav! She hand painted this one, just as I’m hoping to do,

What do you think? Do you like the look? Has quarantine gotten to me? Too bold? Or just daring enough for your taste?

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