Emoji Heart Valentines

Every Valentine’s Day, Tobias makes his own Valentine cards for the kids in his class, and each year, they get a little cuter.

This year, we were inspired by these stuff-n-sew heart crafts at Target.

Heart Face

Tobias loved them (or maybe he loved their mustaches) but didn’t want anything to do with stuffing or sewing. So we bought a package of foam hearts (for a third of the unit price!) and decided we’d make a go at it on our own.

To be honest, I didn’t think they’d come out that great. He’s still only seven, and every other year, they’ve been hearts he cuts, adds their names and a lot of stickers. Like in Pre-K, when he gave a larger card to one special girl:

But I also didn’t remember my stocking this Christmas had one of these:

circle punch

I dare say that every crafter/mom/human might just need a circle punch. Who doesn’t hate cutting circles? I might be getting one in every size. To be continued.



  1. Package of foam hearts in red/gold or multicolored foam hearts (lower unit price)
  2. Colored paper
  3. Circle punch
  4. Hole punch (we used a three-hole punch)
  5. Glue stick
  6. Scissors

& some creativity!

Quick and Easy Valentines for the class 3 - CopyQuick and Easy Valentines for the class 2Quick and Easy Valentines for the class 1

As you can see, he used the circle punch for more than just the eyes.

We had some spare green foam from the year I dressed as Yogi Bear at my Yoga Studio’s Halloween party, and he made a special one for his “bestie” and fellow Star Wars lover.diy yoda valentines


Quick and Easy Valentines for the class

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