No-Cost DIY Natural Christmas Wreaths

I love how in New England there are natural wreaths everywhere through the holiday season. Back in Texas, there were a lot of Christmas lights that looked good at nighttime, and artificial wreaths on many doors, but nothing like it is here. It’s like Oprah stood on the corner of every business and residential street and was like:

Last year, we had signed the paperwork to our house two weeks before December first. If you think I was out decorating the front of my house, you’re CRAZY. This year, I’ve gotten a little obsessed with minimalism, budgeting, and making sure my money is spent traveling the world & making art. Though the wreaths being sold at Dairy Queen, the grocery store and, ahem, everywhere you look, weren’t that expensive,  nor are traditional wreath forms, I realized I already had all that I needed to make my own.


Though my yard lacks color during the other seasons, the landscaping is prime for winter. If you don’t have the same plants as I do, no worries! I’ve noticed this year that magnolia leaf wreaths and boxwood wreaths have gotten very popular.



  1. Yard clippers
  2. Scissors
  3. Wire cutters
  4. Pliers


  1. Wire hangers
  2. Thin wire
  3. Ribbon
  4. Paper clips (not pictured)
  5. Yard clippings

How to make a natural wreath for FREE:

  1. Unwrap the wire hanger.


2. Begin rounding it

3. Create the circle with overlap from each side of the wire. Twist it around as much as you can, then clench both pieces with the pliers and twist it around the form. Repeat on each

4. Do this again for a second circle that is either slightly larger or slightly smaller. Here’s what you’ll have:diy-natural-christmas-wreath-with-wire-hangers-or-a-hula-hoop-7

5. Use paper clips to hold the circles in place. diy-natural-christmas-wreath-with-wire-hangers-or-a-hula-hoop-8

6. Wrap around with wire. This will give your greenery a place to slide in and keep the hanger wire in

7. Gather small bouquets of greenery, then wrap them around the sides. diy-natural-christmas-wreath-with-wire-hangers-or-a-hula-hoop-11diy-natural-christmas-wreath-with-wire-hangers-or-a-hula-hoop-12

8. Make sure to alternate between putting the bouquets on the inner and outer wires, for full

I used a hula hoop to make the wreath above the door. Here, you can see I used only one type of greenery for the bouquets and the way it looked when wrapped. I still made sure to attach in an inner/outer pattern, though it was only one

9. Continue all the way around. Make sure to lift the leaves of your first one and tie a bouquet under  the leaves of that first. You want to make sure all is

10. Tie it up!


My exterior Christmas decor this year cost me ZERO dollars, unless you count the ribbon I bought on Halloween at a major discount. Similar here. I love the look!


If you’d try out this DIY, let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “No-Cost DIY Natural Christmas Wreaths

    1. I live in the northeast, and this isn’t an issue for me. They stay green throughout the holiday season. It may be different where you live, but an evergreen will retain its color for quite some time. If you can buy a natural wreath and it last through the season, you can make one!

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