How to make a DIY Valentine’s Day front door decoration

I’ve been so wrapped up with my freelance work and writing my book that I haven’t been updating you guys about the things I’ve been making or the new places I’ve explored! Last night it occurred to me that Valentine’s day is in just a couple of days, yet I haven’t let you in on this super simple DIY that I’ll likely leave up for the rest of February (though I’m not against leaving it up year round.) Luckily, you’ll need less than an hour (not including paint dry time) to crank one of these bad boys out.

Everything for this project I already had at home. You’ll only need a few things and less than an hour, not including paint dry times. If you’re looking to get your feet wet with using power tools, an easy DIY that’ll make you feel competent and confident enough to move onto bigger things.




  1. Fold an extra large sheet of paper and cut a heart, kindy-garten
  2. Use the cut heart as a template to trace upon the
  3. Clamp the plywood tightly onto a worktable, with the edge you are going to cut hanging off the side. Use the jigsaw to slowly and carefully cut around the tracing. Readjust clamping as necessary until you have fully cut out heart. diy-valentines-day-front-door-decor-wreath-jigsaw
  4. Apply a coat of paint to the heart. If you like the full coverage look, add a second coat. I live in a beach town and I thought the slightly tinted color would add a beachy vibe, so I stuck with unnecessary fresh flowers in the shot. Am I doing this right? hashtagbloggerthingsdiy-valentines-day-front-door-krylon-ballet-slippers-pink
  5. Cut a small piece of rope to use as a hanger, then staple onto the back. Make sure to staple each component of the rope, or it’ll soon fall
  6. Use a wreath hanger like this one to hang it on your

All done!

Like this project? Check out Amazon for some of the tools used:

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