One Room Challenge Week 3 

one room challenge guest participant

Hey! Remember two weeks ago, when I told y’all I was going to give the One Room Challenge from Calling it Home a try, even though I was going to be out of town and super busy with other stuff?

I’m still challenging myself, trying to figure out if I’m going to actually get it done. It’s not looking all that hot, but I’m giving it my best!

I was in Texas last week and my calendar was filled to the brim. As I’ve come back to my reality in CT, I’m still figuring out how to fit this stuff in. Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Got inspired for my One Room Challenge. I knew I wanted the room to include elements from the travels I’ve taken that were in the tropics and jungle. I have some great souvenirs from The Philippines, Peru and the Bahamas that I wanted to be included in the design, and the Jungalow Movement is huge right now. Some inspiration:
    jungalow style bathroom
    Bathroom from

    jungalow style room
    Photo via Dabito
  2. Ordered this leaf wallpaper from Walls Need Love.walls need love riverbed leaf wallpaper
  3. Sketched out my further plans for the room. img_5859I haven’t mentioned it on this blog before, but once upon a time, before my son was born, I was studying interior design. I took a little less than a year’s worth of classes (about 10 months) but when Tobias was born, I didn’t go back. In the last nine years, this is the first one point perspective drawing I’ve done. INSANE.
  4. Picked out my accessories. In addition to some things I’m making around the house, I’m going to buy some accessories today. I always check IKEA first for small objects around the house (never furniture, though! MDF is only allowed in the basement, lol!) and I found out that they had a select group of designers create a new bohemian collection, Jassa. Here are the items I’m buying from the collection: jassa collection ikea global accessories.jpg
  5. Gathered all of my supplies: most of which are things I already had on hand. Including: img_5857These patterned pieces of wood were drawer covers that came with a jewelry box my mom bought many years ago. She was going to throw them out but the pattern reminded me of Jonathan Adler’s stuff, so I couldn’t say no!img_5846After doing some digging around in my basement, I also found this painting I got from a thrift store forever ago, but has somehow managed to sneak past all of  my expelling of old junk. It has this great 60’s bohemian vibe, and I decided it was just the right size for me to use it around the light fixture above the sink. It helps that it was only 8 dollars, but when you have something unused for a while it feels FREE!img_5847

Looking forward to my wallpaper arriving! It’s going to make the biggest impact!

My One Room Challenge List:

  1. Get inspired!
  2. Render the plan
  3. Order wallpaper
  4. Install wallpaper
  5. Cut and install boards to fit inside cabinet area
  6. drill new hole, fill old in cabinet door
  7. replace hardware
  8. spray paint vintage frame
  9. install it around light fixture
  10. buy accessories
  11. make fabric cornice board above window
  12. Add some flair!

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