Jungalow Style Bathroom

one room challenge guest participant

Last One Room Challenge from Calling it Home post this week! If you’d like to see how things progressed week by week, check out the first week, the third week, the fourth week and last week‘s posts. But really, who needs all that? This is the good part, when things are finished.

Remember what it looked like when I started?


And the plan I drew up?


Well, here’s what we’re looking at now:

front facing

jungalow bohemian style bathroom

medicine cabinet

I made this cornice board.

curtain cornice black whiteI never thought about how simple of a project this is in addition to how it makes the room so much more put together. And I already had the wood for it in my basement! I forsee more cornice boards in my future.

jungalow bohemian style bathroom.jpg curtain

Here are some details of the shower curtain. I sewed some additional fabric to it and added trim.

bohemian bathroom details

light fixture

inside the cabinetperu inspired bathroomperu inspired bathroom alpaca

This little guy is really useful for keeping rings and glasses when I’m taking a shower.

bahamas souvenir to place glassescabinet pulls jungalow bathroom

My favorite thing about the one room challenge was that I had to constantly be checking in with my progress. I’m a starter, not a finisher, no doubt. I have an unrealistic view of how much can be finished in a day, and boy–do I procrastinate. Checking in weekly allowed me to make sure I was in constant contact with my project, rather than trying to do it all last minute.

Dreaming up creative ideas is never the hard part for me. The hardest part of the creative process, for me, is to check in with my progress before heading on to the next idea and to FINISH what I’ve started. I get an idea and and I just have to act! Because of this, my basement is littered with half-finished projects, one day to be completed. When a friend visited my house and gushed over how cool it is, all I could say was,

“Thank you! It means so much to hear that, because when I look around, all I see are projects to be done.”

It’s a bit burdensome. A musician friend once told me he couldn’t hear music the same way anymore–he heard the notes in the song rather than being able to just listen to it’s beauty as a whole.

I guess that’s just a part of being creative and seeing (or hearing ) things that others can’t. You just have to wait until you can share with them what you see. I’ll eat that sandwich any day of the week.

9 thoughts on “Jungalow Style Bathroom

  1. Kelsie, I love your pretty little bathroom! Everything added is a conversation piece. That tissue holder puts a smile on my face, also the crab in the glasses :). Great job.

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