Fashion Fun Update!

This weekend, Memorial Day marks the end of spring and the entry to summer. Earlier in the year, I pledged that 2023 would be the year of consistency and, after being inspired by a certain 90’s sitcom, I dared to have more fun getting dressed every day. I managed to pull that off, dressing in a fun, exciting way Monday-Friday (and if I left the house on the weekends, then too) through both winter and spring, and most days I even remembered to snap a photo so I could track my progress! All clothes purchased this year are thrifted from my local goodwill. Here’s a montage my phone quickly whipped up from my “outfits” album I started this year, starting from today and going backwards to early January.

Getting dressed has definitely gotten more fun. Since I don’t use Instagram or check other social media, I don’t really know what’s “in style,” and generally everywhere I go, much of my mom peers are wearing atheleisure apparel. I might be wearing what others would deem as whacky or out of fashion for all I know.

Last year I did a bit of dopamine dressing by buying a few articles of clothing that had 1970’s motifs and patterns that I’ve loved since I was a kid-smiley faces and groovy flower kind of stuff-and repeatedly wore them. But this year I really leaned in to keeping things fresh, wearing the same pieces matched up differently, and letting myself be overdressed for housework and childcare duties and gardening and woodworking. I let myself feel pretty. Which has felt pretty darn good.

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